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The Swedish duo with friends are releasing their 7th full lenght album both energized and inspired by making their last release and in a much shorter time than usual. The recordings started the very same day as the release Party for "Emerger".  After the long hiatus after Nymf there was momentum enough for more than one release with a band now perfectly calibrated and compositions given time to grow. Here you get the distinctly familiar Carptree sound and something completely new. 
As always NFO (No future orchestra) is present with the same personel as last time.  With a distinct focus on analogue instruments and amplifiers and finally an analogue master the result is a warm, organic and highly diversified album with a detailed texture.
The album is called Subimago, hinting development and transformance and the album is a hybrid in simplicity and complexity in both music and lyrics.

Carptree - Subimago CD

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