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Barracuda Triangle is a acid/progressive/instrumental/avant-garde power trio from Sweden/Germany. The music may be described as cinematic, dreamy, spacy, beautiful, ugly and dynamic with minimalistic elements and “over the top” full blown soundscapes. “Add some King Crimson, Black Sabbath, Richard Strauss and impressionist Claude Debussy and you have a pretty good picture of what it´s all about,” says bassist Jonas Reingold.


The band consists of highly prolific members of The Flower Kings; Tomas Bodin - keys, Jonas Reingold - bass and Felix Lehrmann – drums. The compositions are a result of hard teamwork and collaboration between the three members of the band.


On their debut album the band displays a relentless lust for experimenting. From the beautiful “The Last One” to the gritty “Electric Shock Therapy”, the band takes you on an unforgettable journey into worlds unknown; always with one foot in the danger zone. 

Barracuda Triange - Electroshock Therapy CD

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