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Roberto De Sarno: Vocals

Afrim Tanush: Keyboards

Januz Rexhepi: Bass

Kostadin Bequeri: Guitars

Petrit Haxriu: Drums


In 1973 a group of Albanian musicians escaped the regime to make their music in the neighboring Italy. They worked the Holiday camps to make a living, singing contemporary pop songs for the tourists. But in their own time they concentrate on writing and recording their dream progressive Rock album.


They joined forces with the Italian singer and record producer Roberto De Sarno. In 1975 they’re getting ready for the final mixes of their album. But in the September of that year the band disappears without trace. Nobody, including Roberto has heard anything from them since that day. Nobody has ever heard the album they were writing, until now…


Reingold Records presents a feat of musical Archeology, the completion of an album 46 years after it was begun. From tapes stored in cellars and instructions written on track sheets, recordings of gigs. This album has been carefully pieced together to bring a true 1970ies classic back to life.


The album Allium by Allium recorded in 1975 mixed in 2021 by Jonas Reingold

Allium CD

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